Bad Habits for Dental Health

It is pleasant to know that you are maintaining good dental hygiene. You are brushing your teeth twice daily, doing flossing once daily, and seeing your dental physician at least two times a year for cleaning and check-up. But if you are engaging in following bad dental habits then they are sure to destroy your efforts.

Crunching, Sipping, and Sucking

Some people are habitual of crunching the ice cubes which is very damaging for their teeth. The cold temperature and brittleness of the cubes are capable of fracturing your teeth. Popcorn kernels are also unsafe for your teeth and likely to put excessive strain on them and causing their rip off.

The use of straw is advised in place of directly sipping the soft drinks from the glass. Soft drinks have excessive sugar in them and they are chilled, so you should use a straw pipe to make their exposure to your teeth as less as possible.

Using Stiff-bristled Brush

Most people think that the firm and a hard-bristled toothbrush works better than the soft ones. It is no fact. Especially, when you are growing old; the roots of your teeth become more and more uncovered and exposed. The roots have cementum in place of enamel. It is found that cementum is more sensitive to ripping than that of enamel. So the firm bristles of your toothbrush do no good to your teeth. Rather, they cause their tearing.

Consider Teeth as a Tool

Many people consider their teeth as a tool from which they try to do paranormal things such as uncapping the nail-polish bottle, cracking open the almonds and walnuts etc. Such activities are extremely hazardous for your teeth and jaw. You should keep with you the pliers and scissors to avoid the use of your pitiable teeth plus leave such super-normal stunts to the heroes of fiction movies.

Improper Rinsing, Brushing, and Flossing

Rinsing with fluoride containing liquids is recommended once daily. They not only strengthen your teeth but also prevent your mouth from the smell and disease-causing microbes. You should follow the correct procedure of rinsing as mentioned on the bottle plus use liquids, which are medicated. Brushing of teeth should be done twice daily. It is found that people do brushing regularly but the method of brushing is not accurate such as they spend less time than the required. Brushing should be done at least for 2-3 minutes. You should set alarm to complete the preferred time or you may play a beautiful melody, which plays for two to three minutes duration to complete the procedure according to the protocol. Like brushing, people do flossing but they do not follow the etiquettes of flossing strictly, which cause them troubles such as tooth decay and gum diseases.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is very dangerous for the health of your teeth. Some people do teeth grinding involuntarily during sleep. This may be due to anxiety and stress. Others do it as a habit. Whatever the reason maybe, teeth grinding is extremely perilous and risky for your teeth. If you are into it unwillingly due to some stress then it is recommended to first treat the cause of the stress before seeing a dentist. The dentist will recommend you some good mouth guard, which will prevent you from grinding your teeth.

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